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Why Excel is No Longer ‘It’ for Large Enterprises, and the Rise of Low-Code Systems.

This is a post that aims to dethrone Excel from its universally acknowledged high point, as far as large, intricate enterprises are concerned. We want, albeit against much resistance, your Excel discarded by the time you’re done reading this. 

Enter, low-code systems. Relatively modern but possible game changers, these systems are easier, faster, and time-saving. The idea is to implement low-code platforms to manage processes of large enterprises and it is brilliant because these systems are built with ease-of-use in mind while providing superior functionalities. There is little doubt that they are potential Excel substitutes… Read more 

How Senpiper’s Plant Digitization Module Is Helping Reshape Modern Industry

Senpiper is realizing the vision of modern enterprise – endeavouring towards a smooth, undemanding plant digitization experience that, while surprisingly affordable, can save as much as 7-10% on operational costs.

Running a plant efficiently requires a lot of time, resource, and manpower, and a very common problem faced by those managing industrial operations is how to efficiently do so. If not for a carefully constructed workflow to direct processes from start to end, the chore can in no time become haphazard, counterproductive…Read More